Top 5 Strategies to Trade

Want to start trading on the forex market, but not before you’ve come up with a great strategy? Fortunately for you, you can now access the information on some of the most successful strategies devised by experts themselves. And we’ve made a list of those considered to be the best!

The Bladerunner Strategy

Why Bladerunner, you ask? It’s because the 20 EMA cuts like a knife when dividing price. If the result is above it, it rejects to the long side, and if it’s below, it rejects to the short side. It’s the number one strategy when it comes to success rates, which is why you should seriously consider it!

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

Ever heard of Fibonacci retracements? This strategy allows you to combine them with all the available timeframes. They’re best used with daily pivots, but you can also do weekly and monthly combinations. If that’s your preference, you can even opt for yearly pivots. Whatever you do, however, you’ll be using the second best strategy!

Bolly Band Bounce Strategy

Looking for the best strategy for a ranging market? This one might be the ideal choice for you. If you want to use it to its fullest, combine it with confirming signals. Many traders say this method has made a world of difference for their success rates, which is why it’s our number three strategy!

Forex Dual Stochastic Strategy

The reason why this strategy is called the Dual Stochastic is simply the fact that it uses two stochastics at once. The goal here is to find the areas in which the price is overextended, but also about to get back to trending. If you think this might suit your purposes, don’t hesitate to try it out!

Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Strategy

Overlapping Fibonaccis are quite popular, even despite the fact that they can be somewhat less reliable when used on their own. But combined with the right confirming signals, they’re a recipe for success. Since they tend to be highly accurate, we’ve decided they deserve a place on our list of top five forex trading strategies!